SOCKS!! They're my passion

Japanese NORO Kureyon, brushed wool, numbers 88 and 138 (I think):View them here

Soak in cold water with Woolite or other fiber-friendly mild liquid soap.  Nothing antibacterial or with anything that could be counted as bleach.  Rinse in cold water; don't wring or twist.  Roll into clean, dry terrycloth towel.  Block out of direct sun and away from heat.Credo:  Machine washing/drying handknitted socks is premeditated murder.


Lovely socks, excellent work. The colors are great.

Must disagree about hand washing/drying. It is so convenient to use the machine for all your washing needs. That's why superwash wool has grabbed off such a large percentage of the sock yarn market. I quickly went to superwash once I realized my partner couldn't easily felt my socks. I spend too much time and effort knitting my socks to enjoy wearing them once or twice and giving them away.

Have fun, 

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Thanks for sharing the socks in these beautiful colours.  I enjoy knitting socks and my partner doesn't mind hand-washing them for me.  But, it is good to know about superwash wool as I'd prefer my socks to be machine-washable.  I'm not familiar with the Japanese wool you mention. 

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NORO is incredibly soft, hand-dyed wool that the Japanese manufacturer does in individual batches.  You have to make sure that not only the dye lot matches but that the batch number matches each skein you buy.  These socks were each made of one skein.  People have told me on other boards that it's mostly used for sweaters but it's so expensive I couldn't see paying as much as they were asking.  It's hard to get; seems it's always back-ordered and takes about 6 months to arrive.  I bought the last couple of skeins the yarn store I go to had.

I was on another knitting board last week and a lady said she couldn't stand the fact the stripes didn't all "match;" she said there are ways to make the colors flow from skein to skein so the stripes are symmetrical.  Too much work for me.  I like the free-form look as long as all of the colors are in each sock.

I used to use traditional english sock wool but unless handwashed and dried flat, they quickly became unwearable.  Then I discovered german Regia wool - I'm all for promoting EU unity - you can machine wash and tumble this with impunity.