Teaching a knitting classes

I've been asked to teach a knitting class and a crochet class at the activity center.

They have various activities aimed at seniors. They suggested two one-hour classes - one hour for the kniting class and one hour for the crochet class. I'm thinking that one hour to teach beginners how-to might not be enough time -- two hours for each class would probably be better. They also want to know what I think my time is worth. I've never taught a class before and I don't know how to answer.

What do you think a knitting instructor's time would be worth?

Any other feedback for teaching a beginner's class is welcome.


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I wouldn't suggest longer then the hour at a single time.

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I'd agree that one hour at a time is plenty for a beginning class in anything. Offer to come back if they need more assistance. Hourly rates for teachers vary widely by degree of celebrity and location. Check out the rates for classes at LYSs in your area and see if you can live with that.