As a complete suprize to me, I got the opportunity to take a full day workshop in wet felting techniques with Judy Pascal. OMG we had a great time. It was a smaller class, so we got one on one attention from one great fiber goddess. Learning this technique has opened up a whole new fiber avenue for me. We did a seamless bag, using a plastic resist, layering colored roving and wool batting to form a felt bat and then fulled and shaped the final bag. Our project size was limited to what we could complete in one class (about six hours). The original bag was designed with a felted handle and felted closure. But once Judy gave us the technique we each let creativity guide our final design. I used teal, turquoise and deep purple roving with charcoal batting to make the coolest felt I've ever seen. My final bag shape turned into a small clutch which I paired up with a mother of pearl button and a magnetic closure. The picture doesn't do the depth of color justice. I hear this class will be offered at Stitches through Judy and if you wanna try your hand at wet felting sign up as soon as you can. IT'S SO WORTH IT!.


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Whut? No Comments?

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we are all struck senseless and speachless with awe.
I'm not qualified to say anything other - "hey - cool!" - and respond to so many posts that sometimes I like to wait until someone else says something.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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i've never done felting, but getting dangerously close to trying. still too many wips in line to make that real jsut yet. clutch looks cool

we put birds on things

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Love to felt!
...took a class with Polly Stirling two years ago...and another just last month...doing lace weight felts...

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The colors look incredible to me, that's the first thing that struck me about the photo. It's like watercolors, I love it.