If Men Who Knit organized a convention would you attend?

I would attend, provide organizational and financial support.
22% (11 votes)
I would attend and be considered for the planning committee.
32% (16 votes)
I would attend and give knitting,crochet, spinning classes.
26% (13 votes)
I could not attend but would consider planning and sponsoring the event.
2% (1 vote)
I am not interested in a convention at this time.
18% (9 votes)
Total votes: 50


ksmarguy's picture

This would be great....although alot would be contingent on where it is (airfare, etc) but It would definitely be awesome. I would love to go/be part of something like this.

garyhrx's picture

Controversial people are special people and I am a special person.
Kansas could be very interesting as it is in the middle of the country and accessible from all directions. I've heard Kansas City can be quite fun. I am really serious about wanting to do this...Is ther an official organization of MWK or is it just a cyber organization?

ksmarguy's picture

not sure, but KC is great....you also have lawrence near-by...Eastern Ks has quite a few great convention places. It is nice, middle of the country, it just seems that no one ever wants to come out this way since it is what they call flat and treeless....

teejtc's picture

I have to say a great big "maybe." It would depend on time, place, cost, etc. I think it's a great idea though.

You might chat with QueerJoe -- He organized the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat. It's always helpful to talk with someone who has a little experience and see what worked and what didn't.

Grace and Peace,

rjcb3's picture

I would be all for it!

...as much financial as I can do (can't say it's all that much, but, I'd also help with any fundraising)

...I would help organise from whichever angle

...I would do a workshop or two

...I've actually been doodling some notes about putting something like that together here in Maine. I'm ready to play.