How to Contain the Knitting?

Well, when this knitting hobby started, My stuff took up a small corner on the edge of a desk. Now, it has taken up the entire desk and another table. The BF has commented that I need to get it organized into something because he's tired of looking at it. I have no idea where to start. It's seems that I might need any one of those items when I'm knitting. I thought about getting a large container but then I'll just be rummaging around in a big pile of stuff when I need something. The BF is off to Palm Springs until Monday (ah....a nice break for me); so, I should get it organized by the time he gets back.
How do you guys contain your gear so that it doesn't take over the house or do you just ignore your spouses?



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Hi Buck,
I have the neatest organization bag. I bought it at my local yarn shop. There are inside pockets for your needles and ample pockets for all accessories (counters, cable needles, darning needles...)
I also picked up lined baskets at Michael's Crafts which I place any current project in. I also alotted an entire store room for shelving to house my extra yarn supplies, again, with each yarn stored in the lined baskets from Michaels.
Good luck. Easier to organize than listen to the BF anyday!MichaelJames


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me too. i have a needles kit, actually two now, a small kit i carry in knitting bag, and a lined basket for excess yarns. they all go o shelf in closet when comp[any comes

we put birds on things

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I am definately not the one to ask. My stash and supplies take up m car trunk, back seat, an ottaman in the living room, two drawers at work, several shelves in the store-room and multiple boxes in another room; plus the wicker chest in the hall.
Completed projects are packed into my luggage - which means when I travel they have to be emptied first.

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I just ignored the BF, then took over the coat closet in the family room and put a cedar lined dresser into that I store all the yarns and needles in, except for the ones in my voluminous knitting bag that I carry everywhere, plus the two storage ottomans, plus the side table by the couch. I have a few other hiding places on high shelves that will be used as spill-over...places that he can't reach since he is pretty short :)

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Ignore him. I used to have a computer room with a little bit of yarn, I have a yarn room with a little bit of computer.

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I found canvas bins at bed bath and beyond - they come in small, medium, large and they are pretty inexpensive. I bought a bunch of these and some metal shelving and created my stash closet. it works out great as you can see the projects and have them stored in an orderly fashion. If you really want to get anal - they have labels for the bins. My problem is now I'm outgrowing the closet.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I try to have things organized and tucked away as much as possible. Except when I am working on a project or two things go a bit crazy. I guess a craft room is a solution lol! You know it is a hobby that brings you joy and there should be a compromise as to how to handle it. I would not just ignore it, You can start by having a Trunk where you can organize your yarn. If it is your house then is not a big deal, if it is his house or a shared houselhold, then a trunk or chest made of wicker, rattan or plain old wood. You can get very nutch and ask him to help you build one for your stash !!! I have about two places where I have my stuff, and about four or five containers, I have an Rattan etaguere (shelving unit) that I keep some of my yarn.

All in all I try to only have yarn for the projects I am working on, I limit the amount of yarn purchase to the ability to stuff it into those conainers lol. If this organization does not calm his "I am Tired of looking at it", then there is something more to his problem than just yarn.

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I just looked at my bag and found the link. It is
I like that it stands open and doesn't collapse on itself.
Hope this helps.


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Controversial people are special people and I am a special person.
The BF's laments never stop for any of us. THat is why knitting is so great. It looks like I am really busy and concentrating so he just watches TV and leaves me to my fiber fantasies. Trust me even time (ie 32 yrs) cannot change this reality!

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My BF and I don't live together, but I do have knitting projects at his house and when I'm not there, he keeps them in his spare room (he keeps me there too sometimes)

Buck Strong's picture to summarize, I should take over a room in the house and tell the BF to deal with it. Hmmm.....that may mean divorce. However, I do like the ottoman storage idea. I will need to find a place for all of the goodies that are in there now. I have several days of peace and quiet to dwell on this and come up with a solution. Well, almost, there is that wild party on Saturday night.

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Large plastic tubs work for me, oh and current projects in individual bags around my knitting chair.

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Sounds like you need a larger storage space- have you considered Montana?

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Let's just say: you're doing well... It will only get worse.


Grace and Peace,

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There are all sorts of storeage solutions that address your situation.
Reading through the ones already suggested I see there are alot of great ideas shared.
A few more you want to consider if you prefer to have your tools handy is to checkout desktop accessories such as pencil cups, desk drawer organizers, and the like at a local office supply store. Both Bed/Bath and Beyond and Ikea have some great storeage ideas to explore. Stores such as Target/K-Mart/Walmart have good selections of rubbermaid and sterilite storeage containers in assorted sizes. If there is a store near you such as Storeage Plus, I'd suggest trying them too. Under the bed storeage units work well too.
My roommate did comment on my growing stash, and we negotiated a deal that I get a section of the cellar for the craft area, even though some has migrated to the sittingroom. The deal that we made is that he won't complain about my fibre stuff and I'll recipricate by not complaining about his SPAM collection and set up a display case for it.
Now for the BF, well, not having one I'm not qualified to comment, but, if I do happen to meet a gentleman with whom a connection is established, a new round of negotiating may be required, or with luck he'll have a fibre addiction too.

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My wife had the same problem with her ever-growing stash. I felt the bins closing in on me. Then she did something really, really bad. She started teaching me to knit. Now the stash is growing exponentially, but I don't feel closed in any more. lol