Irish Diamond Shawl Progress Report #7

OMG, I feel like I am so close yet so far from finishing. I completed the first 20 rows of the 2nd lace pattern last night and started the 2nd half. "Toot toot" my own horn. Everyone who sees my work tells me how beautiful it is, well almost everyone. My wife, the last time she saw my progress asked if I was finished. I think she is wondering when I will start on her shawl :)

Too lifeline or not to lifeline, that is the question. At times I feel like I'm dancing with the devil in the pale moon light, not using a lifeline. When I started to work on this shawl I planned to place a lifeline every 20 or so rows or every pattern row and I did do it once, using some of the same yarn I'm making the shawl with. It was so difficult to knit with the lifeline in the stitches that I quit using it. Too tight to knit with and the line just got in my way. During my last update, when I needed to rip out several rows to fix one of my many mistakes I wish I had a lifeline to fall back on. I think of this last problem as punishment for not counting my stitches between stitch markers... I will stick to counting my stitches.

I did drop a stitch over the weekend, right in the middle of a gaggle of YO's & SSK's and this almost broke my spirit. This is the one problem I dreaded. The stitch only dropped a few rows and I snagged it with a spare stitch marker. After wallowing in the shallow end of the "pity pool" I did pick up the drop. It did take two attempts to get it right, but fix it I did and life goes on...

Yarn used so far: Just shy of 5 balls
Stitch count (on needles): I don't recall sts
Stitch count (total): 2 many
Total # of lace pattern holes: lost count

Until next time...



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Dental floss works better for lifelines - or fishing line.

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Right. I've also used embroidery floss for lifelines, yarn is just too thick and I don't understand how anyone manages to use it as a lifeline. But as for lifelines? I say do it, it would be heartbreaking to have to frog all that beautiful progress. _____________________________