Any Central-Iowa people and/or Ragbrai Bicyclists Out There?

It's official. My little team got picked in the lottery for Ragbrai again this year (for the 2nd year). (Ragbrai=a week long bike ride across Iowa -- a mixture of a moving family reunion, county fair and frat party with 15,000 people -- yes, 15 THOUSAND). I CAN'T WAIT!

Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone else on MWK was going... or maybe lived somewhere along the route. The route this year sort-of hugs I-80. The Ravelry Biking group is considering a meet up some time... I thought it'd be fun to make sure there were men there if possible.

(Yep... I'm crazy. This is the kind of thing I would have never imagined doing a few years ago - I've NEVER been accused of being athletic! It's fun though!)

Let me know.

Grace and Peace,


Wow Tim, you're a wild and crazy guy! Out here we have the S-T-P, that's "Seattle to Portland" bike race. I considered the idea of doing it once, but came to my senses. I've done 7 marathons and 3 Hood-to-Coast relays, so after a while, enough is enough. I know what you mean about not being athletic. I can't even tell you how this happened. Fitness. It's almost as addicting as knitting.


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a) Congrats of doing the RAGBRAI, I've been getting interested in the BRAG (Bicycle Ride Across Georgia) since I started biking last year, but I'm not ready for a week-long ride just yet! Maybe you could come here for teh BRAG next year? It's not as big as the RAGBRAI, but I understand it's fun We could knit in camp after a long day's ride...

b) I didn't know there was a Bike group on Ravelry!!! I'll join it when I get home!! (it' blocked at work--Big Brother dontcha know!)