Another First

Well, here I am learning to blog. LOL. I always find myself learning, sometimes over and over.  Some people use the expression "live and learn", well somtimes it is just "live and live and live and live"  It takes a bit to sink in.

I am in the middle of an afghan that I am in love with.  It is 3 panels, two with cables, and the center one with the trinity stitch.  I am over half way done with the center panel and laid it out next to the other one so I could start comparing length, etc.  Well I found twoo mistakes in the first panel, but they are going to stay there I just can't frog out the whole thing.

A wise knitter once said that unless it will affect the garment, leave the mistakes in, that is what makes it uniquely yours.

It has been cold here which is a boon for my knitting, since I have a valid excuse not to be out doing yard work.

I am now hunting for another cabled afghan pattern, preferably done in narrow strips and sewn together.  Anybody have one to share?

I have tons of patterns and could swap something if you like.

Peace to all.


Hey thanks for the response and good luck with the blog.  I noticed on your site that you knitted icords.  Did you use two or three needles?  I can't seem to make them come out right with only two needles but that is the way I saw it done on (my salvation.)