Easy Lifeline With Options Interchangeables

I use lifelines when knitting unless I am doing something really small or really simple. Basically I gain nothing from frogging so I take a little extra time to avoid it at all costs. I always used to stop knitting, thread a needle with some embroidery floss and weave it through the last row to make my lifeline. I use Knit Picks Harmony Wood Options Interchangeables pretty much exclusively now and I just found out that lifelines can be much easier if your thread your line through the little hole in the join and knit your row. This way the lifeline feeds itself through the work as you knit. I can't wait to do this! Here's a tutorial with pics if I didn't describe that very well. http://knitpicks.ning.com/page/page/show?id=1984936%3APage%3A18130

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Well isn't that the cleverist thing ever. Thank you - now I can't wait to try it.


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What a clever idea! Thanks for posting it.



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Brilliant! Thanks. I also use my Knit Picks Options needles (nickel plated) almost exclusively. So I think I'll try this little trick. I just ordered some of the wooden Harmony ends but they haven't arrived yet. Hope I like them as well as I do the nickel plated needles.

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Yep, the lifeline works really well with Knit Picks Options needles. I've used thick cotton thread in a contrasting colour to the yarn so that it's easily visible. I don't use them all the time, but put one in the row before part of a pattern that I'm not familiar with. Am just about to take my first attempt at a fair isle yoke on a sweater and I'll sure be using lifelines for that.

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...that's brilliant!

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I had pretty much the same reaction to the tip as all of you. It's one of those simple yet outstanding things. I can't wait to try it either, I'm just working on an in-between-projects washcloth (really no need for a lifeline), but I may just add one to have a go at it.