100 Bowls of Compassion

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to let you know that the 100 Bowls of Compassion gala event that several of you knitted up bowls for took place last Thursday evening and was a huge success! I believe that the event took in around $250,000 for Miriam's Kitchen (a small agency here in DC that offers breakfast, case management, and housing to the homeless mentally ill), but I'll have to check that figure and let you know. At any rate, despite the economy, we made more than we ever have in the past.

The evening was a lot of fun. A small team of us started this event 7 years ago and this year was the first year that I almost completely let go of the reins - I say almost only because I got several phone calls this week and ended up helping out, which was fine. The knitted bowls were a hit - I know that they didn't go for a lot, but on the whole, the bids were low this year, even for the high ticket live auction items. I've attached (successfully I hope) some pictures of the event.

Thank you all again - I wish you could have been there to hear all the "Oh my goodness! Look! Knitted bowls!" comments that I heard through out the evening.

Next year?

Back to knitting now,
Jonathan in DC

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Hi Jonathan. Thanks for posting those pics!!! I was wondering how it went! It was Thurs night right? Looks like it was a beautiful event and I had a lot of fun knitting the bowl. It's exciting to see mine sitting along with all those others!! I hope you had fun although I know you must've been really busy and working hard the whole time. Cheers. Frank.


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Thanks so much for taking the pics and posting them here. Knitting and felting the bowls was a lot of fun, and good to know that perhaps in some small way they helped to further your cause.