Really hip or really hideous?

This is a UFO I've had sitting around for a couple of months because I can't decide if I really like the funky color combo. It's a tiwst of Blue Sky cotton in an almost lime green with a purplely hand dyed wool. If I finish it, it will be a scarf in moss stitch. Anyway, I need help deciding if this is the best use for this yarn. So, please be honest and tell me what you think of the color combo. Thumbs up or thumbs down.



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I like it okay, but I think the subtlety of the blue yarn is lost. I think I would like it better if it were somehow blocks of each color, rather than a strand of each, since the two balls of each color look kind of interesting sitting next to each other. Good luck with it!

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I do like those two colors alot! I agree with knit4brains comments... Might be interesting with some stranding or maybe even double-knitting? Takes a lot more time however. There's a tutorial on - Are you following the "My So Called Scarf" pattern there?


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I tend to wear blues, greys and more muted colors so I, personally, wouldn't wear these colors. I like them, though. Together, I fear they look like you are trying to clean out your stash. Just my opinion, however.


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Me three - I think the colours need to be more distinct.

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Frog it, frog it, frog it....

If you don't love it by now, you won't love it when your finished. Trust me, been there, done that... frog it while it's still young.

(I don't like the combo...I don't think it looks very sophisticated, and I agree with whomever said that you lose the sublety of the blue yarn. I would knit the blue by itself, or doubled with a lace weight mohair in a shade of one of the accent colours, OR an analogous colour (violet, green, teal, indigo, etc)... The yellow is just too different in value and hue, and the two yarns together kind of look too heavy to be a nice drapey scarf fabric.

My two cents, for what it's worth.

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If you're knitting it for yourself, then you should totally frog it. But I can tell you that some people would go nutso for that scarf. I can think of at least one of my friends that would think that scarf was the shit.

Although, if there's one thing I've learned in my short knitting life, it's that even if you're knitting something for someone else, if you don't like what you're making, it's more of a chore and less enjoyable.

So really, either way I would probably just frot it. That blueish yarn looks too pretty for me to want to slap it in with lime green. ;-)

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i'm with them. the blue is pretty enough and needs no help nor competition. you might give it a persecution complex or inferiority complex or both, neither of which by themselves are fun for yarn or people. trust me on this :)

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Sweet Man: If this combo is hip, time to consider hip-replacements! 'Nuff said. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRiiiiiiiiiiiiPP!!!

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Thanks everyone. I'm kind of relieved that I get to frog it. Both fibers are really nice and as knit4brains said they look interesting next to each other but they make mud when you mix 'em. I've been fretting about that piece for too long - I knew there was a reason I didn't want to work on it.

By the way MichaelJames, cleaning out my stash is exactly what I was doing. Sometimes you come up some nice combos that way unfoturnately not in this case.

The question is what to do with them now.


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really hideous!

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I must add that some time ago I bought laceweight merino in colours almost identical to those (blue/purple, and lime) intending to use them together. I probably never will now ;-)