Cleaning out stash

Hey - if anyone's cleaning out stash, or wanting to try knitting something they've never knitted I'd gladly take your knitted project once your done. The only hitch - it must be 7"x9". I will join them together to make an afghan for Warm Up America. I know there are many groups around the US doing this - but if you've not found one, and want to send your 7x9" square to me I'll join them with the others I get and make myself - then take a picture to post here - then offer the afghan to a Denver-area homeless shelter as part of this program.

Just email me and I'll give you my address to send me your squares. Every 49 squares ends up making a blanket of about 53"x 70" (have to add some for the crochet joining I do. Let's see how many blankets we can make!

The pic here is one I did two years ago.


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what a great idea... email me through the website and I'll make a square for you... I'm all for donating to good charities!



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What a generous and beautiful way to clear out your stash. _____________________________


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This is a great idea. My only concern is getting the pieces to come out exactly 7 x 9. But I'll try my darndest.


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I just received your shipment of squares! What fun. I will soon be posting a picture of where we are so far on this blanket. I am in the process of collecting a few more from friends, pinning it to a flannel board and then the joining of the squares.

From the looks of things we will be doing several blankets here. Hmmm...and it's 93 degrees today. Oh well, it will be cold this winter and the families in Colorado who are the recipients of your hard work will be thrilled.

Thanks again for your help!