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The "Womb" is just something I don't get......at all....I totally respect the creativity......but then what do you do with it after it is knitted up? Anyway that being said....Have you ever seen something someone is knitting or has knitted and thought...."Oh my God.....what were they thinking?" If so....what was it?

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I can't say that I have. While I tend to stick to more functional items (my desire to make the uterus aside), knitting is an art form and doesn't necessarily have to be restricted in scope. I have seen things that were certainly bizarre, but if someone enjoys the creative process or the end result, then why knock it?

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That was an amazing link!  The pink yeti does exist and now we have proof!

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Since most of us are without wombs, I think it might be hard to identify with the desire to celebrate our ownership of them in knitted form. But - we live in a patriarichal society that devalues women. Maybe I'm reading into this a bit, but perhaps this could be an artistic reclaiming, since women are often told that their bodies should be a source of shame. This is a subversion of the dominant paradigm (forgive me for using bumper sticker speak) and falls in line with Georgia O' Keefe's flowers or Judy Chicago's Dinner Party. For the gynocentric women in my life, I could easily see these as mini-pillows. Felted, they could make a decorative yonic mobile. You ask the question, "what do you do with it after it is knitted up?" For me, not every project needs a practical function. Some things just are what they are. I have several wonderful women in my life (dykes especially) who would love a knitted womb.

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See, that is what I wanted to hear.....that was a very thorough and now obvious explanation of "The Womb". Now I will view it with a more open mind. It was not my intention to "Knock" it, just need a little education on it. Thanks Shua for enlightening us!

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It's just a guess, really. I can't say what's really behind this particular project. It would be cool, though, if social politics helped inspire knitting projects... Now - if only there were something I could knit to express my extreme dissatisfaction with our current president.

What can we knit to show we are against Shrub? That's a great idea, Shua!

Brainstorming: French hats, like the ones the women knitted while watching the aristocrats being executed? Perhaps, a group project, similar to the AIDs quilts? Socks that are guaranteed to itch, to be mailed to the pres?

Any other ideas? Have fun, 

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I'm thinking this could be a no-brainer....  Maybe something cylindrical knitted on double pointed needles with a large head, might be able to stand by itself......  When is the next men's knitting group?????

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I just love knitted art!  The womb is unexpected but...OK!  Maybe some one screwed up making an i-tube and it turned into an ovary, the rest was left to creativity :P

 Heres some more crazy knitting stuff:


and the classic:



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