Upload my Face Picture.

OK, I'm slow, I admit it. Real men do ask for help. I can't upload a picture of myself to our site. Its less than 100KB. Does it have to be a specific format?



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There's also a limitation on pixel size of 200 x 200...if it meets that restriction, what happens when you select your picture?

What type of file is it? JPG, GIF, etc.

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If you go to "my account" in the sidebar, then choose the "edit" button.

about half-way down the page will be an "upload picture" box. Using the brose button, select the picture you want. it not only has to be below 100 kb but has to be no more then 200 x 200 pixels.

After you have selected it - make sure the filename is showing in the box.

scroll down to the bottom of the edit page and click on "submit'

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