Needle sets

After my first few projects, I've discovered that I'm spending almost as much on needles as I am on yarn! I've generally been working with Clover bamboo needles, which I've had good experiences with, but I'm thinking that it might be worth investing in a interchangeable set.

What needles does everyone use, or have you had good or bad experiences with? Thanks for your help!

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Knitpiks has a great set of Harmony Needles that are wood. You can buy the needle points in all sized and then buy the wire to connect them in several lenths for circular needles. I use them almost exclusively now.

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I LOVE their sets of Options needles!
...prefer them over the wood Harmony needles...but use both sets all the time...

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Total ADDI fan here!

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KnitPicks Options!


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

Knitpicks all the way. Just got mine last week. They are fantastic! I 'v also got the Denise interchangable set. They are ok apart from the fact they are made of plastic and feel a bit flimsy. They do the job but knitpicks are much nicer to work with.

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Addi fan here, especially the Addi Lace - nice points even if not doing lace. They are great for doing cables-without-a-cable-needle.


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Knit Picks Options ... I just bought some of the Knit Pick Harmony ends but haven't used them yet. The yarn I'm using for lace work doesn't slide well enough on the Harmony needles for my liking. Of course, the yarn in quite slippery on the Options needles so I just hang on.

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Knit Picks Harmony Wood Options Interchangeables. I got mine in January (I think), and already I have no desire to ever buy another needle again. If you prefer wooden needles to metal (as I do) I think these are the best way to go. Also, the Knit Picks tips seem to be longer than other Interchangeable sets which suits me as there's nothing dainty about me. If you're interested, I wrote a review of the Knit Picks set on my blog here...


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the Harmony needles are when I'm working with dark yarns, I use the silver Options...for light colour yarns it's the colourful wood Harmony needles....

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Another vote for Knit Picks Options metal needles. Just love the way stitches slide off. Mind you, if you are using bamboo needles you'd need to get used to how slippery the Options are by comparison. Great that you can buy extra sets of pairs of needles. There are times when having two sets would make life easier, even though you can manage with just one pair. The only thing missing from this set is the ability to join two cables together as I think is possible with the Denise set. But even long cables are really inexpensive and worth ordering more than one set of any size you think will be useful. Couldn't recommend these needles highly enough.

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ADDI TURBO ... and I agree, the ADDI TURBO LACE *R*O*C*K* ! ! !

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I want to buy the Harmony options myself and I buy a lot of needles on Ebay , sometimes I get great deals on used needles or barely used lol!, or from Estate Sales. I definitly look for deals, but never spend more than yarn. Yarn is too delicious ! The addis are very nice indeed! I guess it depends on the material that your yarn is made of, color and fabric , some needles are better for some things than other.

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I have a fortune tied up in needles.......honestly several hundreds of dollars worth. I use Addi Turbo the most and have recently purchased the Turbo Lace Needles which I really like. Purchased a set of needles from Knitpicks and have to say I do like the more flexible and has less memory than the Turbo cable needles, although running the cable under hot water does straighten the cable on the turbos. I did have a bit of trouble tightening the needle to the cable and during a mohair shwal project the needle did separate from the cable enough that the stitches got caught in the space between the needle and cable. Correcting the issues was not especially eay to remedy. I also have and use regularly 8" and 5" wooden dp needles made by Brittany. But if I had to choose, the Turbo's would win hands down. Circulars are the most versatile and for speed I like the smooth Turbos. My collections of Susan Bates straight needles I have donated to friends and organizations. Straight needles are fatiguing to use because the weight is unevenly distributed on the needles. and they are hard to use sitting in chairs with sides or in tight spaces like airplanes. Am thankful I purchased most of my Turbos years ago while the dollar was still strong and the price of Turbos was more reasonable. My suggestion, buy what feels comfortable and what you can comfortably afford.......