Sock Knitters FYI

Hi guys,

I just wanted to pass this on....if any of you are sock knitters than this may be helpful. My sock instructor sent us this link for choosing heels and how to knit them. I haven't checked the rest of the site but this helped me. Take care!


Brilliant!  This is so useful.  That's what I find so great about this site - and you guys - sharing information (as well as the support and encouragement).

Thanks so much.  This will be invaluable.

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Gabriel, I had not heard of a few of those heels before, so I'm very glad that you gave us the link.  At a glance, it seems that there are a couple of heel styles in there that might eliminate/reduce angst over the gusset holes.  Neat!

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I've just signed up for a sock class (yay!) so I'm bookmarking this link for when I know more about heels.  Thanks--it looks lke a lot of good info. 

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Gabriel,  Thanks for this link.  I learned a lot from it and I'm going to consider a different type of heel on my next pair of socks.  Cheers,  Jesse

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