Skull Cap!

After the long, though not unpleasant, process of making the sweater, I decided I wanted to make something quick and easy, that I could do in one or two sittings. I found a cool pattern for a hat with skulls on it, but the yarn gauge was much smaller than I wanted to do, so I ended up combining/modifying two patterns to come up with this! I really like how it turned out, but I have a question regarding Fair Isle knitting in general. You can notice between the skulls and crossbones that there is a white, vertical line that peeks through. This is from crossing the yarn when there is a long span of only using one color. I checked a few sources, and I'm doing it the recommended way, but do any of you have any tricks that would keep the twist color from showing through? Or maybe it's just a necessary evil of the Fair Isle process? Thanks for any input!

P.S. After MANY tries, I COULD NOT get the photo to upload! It is posted on my blog (Alterknit Universe) if you'd like to take a peek while I work on figuring out how to post it here as well.


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I like it! The crossbones add a sinister touch.

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The vertical line can be avoided if you make sure you cross the yarns between different "columns" of stitches, never directly above where you crossed it the previous row.
How difficult to explain in words - do ask me for a better explanation if you like!

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That's a great hat! Also, you get my vote for best knitting blog title ever.


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Quite fine hat. As for the colors peaking through, there are a couple of ways of avoiding it:

1. Use a tighter gauge (which would require a complete re-working of your pattern or making it for a smaller head).

2. Let long strands go un-woven in...some don't like the look of this, and others can't keep long floats loose enough to prevent the dreaded pucker effect.

Overall, I don't think the white showing through detracts at all from the hat. Personally, if I were you and repeated this hat, I would do it exactly the same.

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Love the pun!

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Love the hat, where did you get the pattern ? Also like your blog, some interesting photos.

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Very nice, I don't think the white showing through is distracting at all.



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I have the same problem when I "catch" the yarn to prevent long floats. With hats I sometimes let the float go 7 stitches. After blocking the long floats tend to settle in and not be so unwieldy. After all, the inside is never seen when worn.

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Ken, I think you did a great job......even stitches and no puckering. I have to agree with Joe regarding the peek through stranded white yarn. It has been my experience that the larger the gauge and the the more contrasting the colors used, the chance for seeing the stranded color increases. Personally, the white doesn't bother me at all and once you wash it I'm betting the background will be less noticeable. Did you use worsted weight yarn and size 7 or 8 needles? Most of the stranded hats that I make I knit with worsted weight yarns on size 5 needles and the tighter gauge seems to minimize the issue. Keep on did a great job.