Sad story...funny story...

Sad story: I've been knitting Mario's Spanish Armada for a while now and had gotten to row 85. Wasn't terribly happy with the way the knit was going. I'd made mistakes, fixed 'em haphazardly, would wind up with and extra stitch I'd need to decrease, etc....just wasn't going well. I was afraid that when it was blocked, it was gonna look like a mess. So I'd been contemplating frogging it and starting over, but continued to knit while I contemplated. Last night: yet another mistake. In counting stitches in the section, about 10 of the stitches leaped off the end of the needle. I just decided.."Decision made".

So today I threaded the back end of the yarn ball onto my ball winder, wound up the remainder of the ball, then started ripping back to the beginning. I did discover it's actually kinda fun ripping out something that big. Too bad the creation portion doesn't go as fast as the destruction part.

Funny story: I was explaining this tale of woe to a friend on the phone a few minutes ago. I got to what is the second-paragraph above in my explanation when he jumps in: "Ball winder? What the hell kinda kinky sex toys are you into, anyway?!!!

Never had thought about it, but if I ever decide to any more of my non-knitting friends I might need to come up with a different phrase.

And somehow I don't think 'yarn baller' is quite the way to go, either


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I had never thought of that either, and my mind usually runs in the gutter. The box that my ball winder came in calls it a Wool Winder. Not much better than yarn winder, but the only other thing I've heard it called is a yarn baller, and that's not much better than ball winder.

re sad story. Almost breaks your heart doesnt it. but I think you are right, if it wasnt turning out the way you expected then start over. Im now on row 90 of my remake of the queen anne lace shawl, and I hate to temp fate but no mistakes yet. "Touch wood! " But i agree there is something satisfying about ripping out large pieces of work.

re funny story, how marvellous! Now im imagining how that must look, slightly unconfortable. Oh well, no pain no gain lol!

I like going to thrift stores and finding old, ugly sweaters and such, tearing them apart, balling them back up, and tossing them in my stash. You may not get the most beautiful stuff, but for a five dollar sweater, you can get several hundred yards of viable, if not "Primo" thread.