Vest pattern suggestion?

Dear Friends,

Having just seen an incredibly GORGEOUS vest over on Brooklyn Tweeds' site, I've decided that (after knitting the "Fan Kimono" for my wife... if the yarn ever arrives!) I'm going to try a vest for myself.

Here's the deal. I want something simple with an easily repeatable pattern (or no pattern at all!) I don't recall the last time I wore a vest, so I want something that will be wear-able both "up" (i.e. for work) or "down" (i.e. with jeans, etc.) I have a few vest patterns floating around, but thought I'd throw myself before your wisdom and see if anyone had a suggestion....



Grace and Peace,


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Guy knits has two that I know of for sure that fit your criteria. One is called the travel vest and I love the looks of it. I bought the yarn for it just haven't psyched myself up to start it.


I've never done a vest before, but have started the Gray Cabled Vest on p. 123 of Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them. Mine is not going to be gray, it's going to be heather. Other than that I'm trying to follow the pattern. As the name suggests, it's got cables, but otherwise it doesn't look too tricky.


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I have made a few vests in my knitting history, and the only one that's ever fit me in a way that I liked was the standard shape that Kaffe Fassett always uses for his vests. Most of the other vests either didn't shape the shoulders or left the arm hole too wide, and created the dreaded shoulder wings.

Next time I decide to design a vest, I plan on going to a department store and trying on a few till I find one that has a fit the I like, and then I'm going to measure it and try to make one like it.

I also just did a search on Ravelry and only found one Noro vest that I liked at all, but I couldn't see the shaping from the picture.

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There is a simple vest called San Francisco in Classic Knitted Vests by Nancie M. Wiseman. The model wearing it is a woman, but it is really a unisex garment.