Cashmere Scarf

A beautifully soft Australian cashmere, the pattern is Bramble Leaf insertion from a scarf in Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby. My photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful colours. 3.5mm needles.


It is gorgeous, Kerry. Did you get the cashmere at your LYS or from a mill?

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I bought it at our (Sydney) annual city/country show, the Royal Easter Show. It was being sold by the family who own the goats, shear them, get the fibre spun and then dye it. Belisa Cashmere, I think they have a website.

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Beautiful! I love leaf patterns and the color striping is so interesting, it that an effect of the yarn or did you knit this with multiple colors?


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This is just a single strand of multidyed cashmere, interesting that the striping is more obvious on the sides than in the leaf.

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The variagations worked quite well on that, didn't they? I like the way the colours blend in the leaves but strip elsewhere...

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Kerry, that is so beautiful. The leaf pattern is exquisite.

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Absolutely gorgeous!



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It's a beauty. I agree with MMario - the varigation did truly interesting things.


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ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! FANTASTIC! I love everything about it!