music or tv?

Whats your preferred noise to knit to?

I dont have my tv on much so i go for music.
Serge Gainsborough mostly but, Nick Cave, Travis, Jarvis Cocker and Patrick Wolf also work for me.

I dont know why but Gainsborough is just perfect. Its all relaxing but entertains the ears without distracting. but careful he might convince you of knitting one of these


Oh, definitely music! I can't do tv as background, really -- ever since getting used to not having one, now they either perturb me greatly or lure me into their shows! Ach...

Rufus Wainwright is my usual choice, although I have a fondness for knitting and listening to Impressionistic music!

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Rufus Wainwright is an awesome choice.
Martha on the other hand...

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Definitely music. We love Rufus but really it's always something different either shuffling through about 300 CDs or Matt's ipod/itunes with probably thousands of options. I think you'll probably find that music will win over the TV in this one.


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My partner watches a lot of TV. He likes me to sit and knit with him but the TV drives me crazy. It's all just part of life's adjustments ugh.

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I knit in silence. My own thoughts while knitting make enough noise. I usually only listen to music when I want to sit and listen to it as opposed to background noise. And we don't have a TV. Maybe that's why I spend so many hours a day on the Internet!

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most of the time when I'm knitting it's at the end of the day so I'm "stuck" watching reality tv with my partner... sometimes, we'll jump onto TIVO and watch Golden Girls, Designing Women, Roseanne, or some other mindless sitcom - those are my favorites -I don't have to think too hard about them, and when it's time for a break at the end of a row, I can stop, look up and be able to follow the show easily.

one of my FAV shows that I can't knit to is the closer... it's amazing but I have to watch - and not knit... or I miss things...

I only knit to music in the car, and it's usually whatever's on... but I agree with Rufus - his voice is amazing for knitting... along that line, check out Damien Rice's album "O" - it's also beautiful! :)



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I have to admit, I think I'm the only gay man that loves classic rock & roll !! Can listen to anything if it's just knitting, knitting, knitting[as in the case of my ongoing scarf]. I'm a virgin knitter, so when attempting something that requires counting stitches, I enjoy silence or Frank Mills[you know-the guy that plays "Music Box Dancer"]. Favorite classic rock CD to listen to is Supertramp "Breakfast In America"..very soothing melodies...yah, I play that when undecided on what to play.

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My companion, Nanc, is a TIVO television/movie FANATIC and she also likes my company so consequently I always knit to the television or a movie. If the show "catches" me and is very suspenseful, I often end up making mistakes and having to go back a few stitches/rows...happens quite a bit more often than I like to admit, truthfully. I envy those of you who live a life free of television. I have IPOD docks all over the house, so my music travels with me wherever I am, but since I only knit in the eveing and I spend the evenings with Nanc, I ALWAYS knit to the television.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog If I have a book on cd I take this time to listen to the book while I do my crafty endeavor. Sometimes I like to watch Sci Fi Channel, or I have lots of DVD series that I like to watch over and over again.

Sometimes I do watch a Knitting Class DVD while doing the stuff. Radio seldomly

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in rufus camp among others, but also can't have lyrics if i have to count. inevitably they through in a 1, 2 or any other random number and i'm screwed.

btw - warming to martha...

we put birds on things

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Voice radio for preference. We have the most amazing public service channel - Radio 4 - which is great for news, current affairs, drama, documentaries... It's also streamed over the Internet so that we Brits can keep up with things, especially "The Archers", an agricultural soap opera that was first broadcast in 58 years ago and is a national institution. All of it great to knit to.

Here in Spain we get Radio 4 through our TV set - and it's still the best in the world (IMHO).

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I knit through most of what we watch on TV because most of what we watch on TV isn't really worth giving all of my attention to. Unless it's Doctor Who or The Tudors.

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Silence is best for me, I tend to get too involved in the music or the tv show. I also mostly handknit when on the bus, which has it's own distractions.

I haven't tried "lyric-free" music, but I used to have a tailoring class where they played classical music... that seemed to work well.

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T.V., music, converstation or total silence, it doesn't matter - I knit. I hope it doesn't irritate my friends but I take my knitting everwhere. As my husband says I have the ability to tune out anything. :-)


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Ditto - only add in "song circles" and pub sings for me. I might pause during some songs - especially if I have the lead - but I'll knit through just about anything.

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It really doesn't matter to me. The TV is fine as long as I'm in another room. Most music is fine. Classical, classic rock, pop, jazz, blues just to name a few. Radio "skits" on public radio are good, like David Sedaris. Silence is great, too.