cable help

i'm doing a shawl that puts 12 sts on cable needle and having trouble not getting big sags. advice?


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Those wide cables can be a problem. What helps me is making sure that after the stitches are put on the cable needle, the next stitch is worked very snug to the stitch on the right/working needle. After the stitches on the cable needle are worked, I make sure the next stitch on the working needle is pretty snug as well.

Twelve stitches cabled, that sounds like a pretty cool project. What is the pattern?


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it's a shawl in ribbed pattern. i probably made a dumb choice in doing it in a ribbon which is really hard to pull tight. the large ribs get cabled in large alternating cables. at least the ribbon has a colorway in it which forgives a little

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why not do two six stitch cables side by side?
...strangely will look like one cable...