Spool Knitting Gadgets - info and recommendations

I'm thinking about a new project that will require several different sizes/diameters/gauges of I-cord. Has anyone used those nifty looking hand cranked I-cord machines? I've seen several advertised online, but none of them really explains how big the resulting I-code is. Any suggestions?

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A while ago, someone posted on the old knitlist a review of how some of these worked but I only have a vague recollection that they worked well for making i-cord, but they aren't variable in gauge except by changing your yarn size.

There are a number of commercial ones available, Inox makes one called a Strickmühle, and there are competing devices sold under the name Hobby Knit and Bond Cool Corder or Magicord.

Here are some YouTube videos that might give you a better sense if they're something you'd like to own.


I do own one of the "Barbie Knits" circular knitting machines, but that's quite a bit different and makes a much bigger tube of fabric.

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Hey, I have the Bond Cool Knit iCord thing. I've played around with it just a little. The thickness is a little dependent on the yarn you're using and at some point on both ends of the scale it just doesn't really work. I'll look at it when I get home, but the cord was something like a #2 pencil. I think I unplied a yarn though, so can't tell you the weight I used. Very thin (like 10/2 perle cotton) made a cord that was very open and lacey. I'd guess you want to try something in the fingering range.

These little things are fairly cheap and fun to play with. I just haven't come up with a good use for it yet. I was going to couch the iCord onto a sweater either over the seams or as a decorative motif like a swirl or something (which is why I unplied the yarn--so it would match the knitted yarn).

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ah! so its less manual 'knitting nancy'! ive always wonder what you use the cords for.