Almost lace but not quite

I'm cautiously working my way toward a lace project. This is just a really simple drop garter stitch pattern it was fun and a really realxing project. The yarn is hand painted wool and I was looking for something that would show off the fiber and I thought this worked nicely. You might recognize the yarn from the aborted lime green project. I'm wondering if blocking would be beneficial on this piece.

My next project is actual lace.


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That does show off the fiber nicely indeed. In the lime green project I hadn't even noticed that this yarn was handpainted, now it really shines. Beautifully knitted.



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I used the very same idea for my first foray into lace knitting but I used a US size 10 needle to give it an airier feel. Nicely done!

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Beautiful scarf, the colors work really well with the pattern.



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Thanks guys, that means you too JC. :-)

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Hee, I'm fine with being one of the guys. I have two brothers and a 12 yr old son so I can do "guy" really well ;)