Needlesfor a budget but also for a wide range of projects

I have some money to spend on needles, but obviously not on addi turbos,  What's the best idea?   isit cheapest to buy a set of needles such as the needlemaster from knitpicks which would give me just about any size id want including circs.  or should i get needles as i need them, no pun intended.  what would be the most budget-friendly in the end? Im not sure how much if any discount is given in sets of needles.  what do you guys think?

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If your on a budget, the best advice is buy circular needles!!!  You can use them for flat knitting or knitting in the round and they are more comfortable to knit with than straight needles.  There's no reason to buy straight needles AND circular needles if you're trying to save money.

INOX Express are plated metal needles like Addi Turbos and they cost half as much.  So that's another option.  The NeedleMaster or Denise interchangable sets are also a great idea IF YOU LIKE TO KNIT WITH THEM.  But don't spend $50 to find out you hate them.  This is another topic that on-line advice probably won't be helpful.  People like them or they don't.  Some people LOVE Denise, needles.  Some people HATE them.  And often for the same reason.  You should try to find a store that carries one or the other and see if you can test drive 'em.  Denise sells replacement parts for theirs, so you could, in theory, by one circular needle and see how you like it!  You could also just spend the money and if you hate them, someone would most likely buy them from you.  (If you want to sell your NeedleMaster set, let me know.  I might be in the market).

Agree. A few needles, of different materials, to find out what you like, shouldn't cost that much. Once you decide you love bamboos and can't stand plastic (or whatever) and you will be another highly opinionated knitter that has his own likes and dislikes.

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What is so distinctive about denise or needlemaster needles that there's a love hate relationship with them.  or is it just the knature of knitting and knitters that results in such differing opinions? 


Paz y Respeto

Paz y Respeto

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It's a little of both, but it's not exclusive to knitters.  People are just passionate about their tools in general.  It's like Mac users and non-Mac users.

The Denise needles, in particular, generate strong opinions.  I think it's because they are kind of wierd looking and plastic with that thick plastic cord


Another option is Hobby Lobby, the craft store.  There's one in Mankato and one in Rochester.  About every 3 weeks they sell all their needle work supplies at 50% off.  They carry the needle master set there.  If you bought it at 50% off and didn't like it, you could surely get what you paid for it.  I bought most of my needles and notions at Hobby Lobby and always at 50% off.

Well worth the drive if you are looking to stock up.  You can check out their weekly ad at


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Can't argue with that.

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I,m Out of the hospital afer a  nasty dispute with a leaky furnace and Carbon Monoxide poisoning... (ya don't wanna try it, trust me) ANYHOO... ya might wanna check back on earlier postings about how I make my own supplies. AND>>>... did I mention I'm a cheap S.O.B.

did I mention I'm a cheap S.O.B.

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I agree with JPaul -- you either hate them or love them.  There are people in both camps.

The best is to try them, if you can.  Borrow some circs from a fellow knitter, see what you think.  And I also think circs are all you need.

You could buy only one set of Addis, now, and when you can, get another set.  That way, you have something to work towards, and will be getting something you really love (if you do love them).  You may not need the entire set of them... so get only what you really will be using.

Either way, get something that really makes you happy to use and to look at.  After all, isn't that why we do this thing anyway?