HELP: Fan Kimono by Vicki Square

I’m trying to start up the Fan Kimono by Vicki Square out of the book "Knit Kimono" (pg. 86) and have a couple of questions… Can any of you answer them for me?

When I start the second row (the first row from the chart), I do a K1, then K1tbl.. then start the pattern from Right to Left?.. correct?

Then, When I get to the second row of the chart (a WS row…3rd row total, counting the purl row[first row]) I follow the chart from Left to Right? But what about the selvedge stitches? Do I do a K1, then K1tbl… or do I do a K1?… I’m a little confused.

Does that make sense?

Hoping one of you brilliant gurus has some suggestions!

Grace and Peace,


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I'v just gotten that book. I'll take a look at the pattern when I get home tonight.

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I'm working on the same kimono. And I learned the hard way to read the lace chart from right to left on the first row, then left to right on the second row, and right to left on the third, and so on. When you're working on the selvedge stitches, it's to be done in stockinet, so purl on the wrong side.

Good luck!

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ok, so here's how I read it...

It says to work the selvedge stitches all in stokinette so it seems to me you purl them on the WS. That way, chart row 2 (WS) would be P1 (selvedge) then P1 tbl, k1, P1 tbl, etc... ending the pattern repeat with p1 tbl, p1. It's the end of the row that confuses me a little bit since there it seems there would be two stitches left after the pattern repeat, but I would try p2, (keeping the selvedge in stokinette).

That's what it looks like to me, at least. Thoughts?

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It's the second part that particularly confuses me... If the first row of the chart requires a K1 then a K1tbl at the beginning (then follow the chart) and ends with a K1... Do I:

a) start the second row of the chart with a P1, P1tbl... then chart... then P1


b) start the second row fo the chart with a P1... then chart... then P2


Does that make sense?

You've cleared up part of it... but I don't get why there'd essentially be a 2 stitch selvedge on the one side and only a 1 stitch selvedge on the other (if it's the "b" option)...

Grace and Peace,

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Glad to see we're confused at the same place! I did a little internet research...

I checked the Interweave books site for corrections/clarifications, but no luck there, either. :-(


I checked Ravelry and got this from one woman's project:
"After establishing the 2 selvedge stitches on one side, and one on the other, the pattern doesn’t mention how to handle the selvedge stitch that you K1tbl on the right side. I just p1tbl on the wrong side and it worked perfectly throughout. "

Another knitter pointed out that the instructions for the right sleeve specifically say "work as charted to the last 2 sts, p1tbl p1."

So, I think that's the answer: the selvedge is just the single stich, and on the WS you p1tbl that pesk stitch you k1tbl'd on the RS.

Hope that helps!

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Ok... we'll give it a try :-) Odd though, isn't it... why not just cast on 92 stitches instead of 93 and make it symmetrical?

Grace and Peace,

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I think it will be symetrical...The pesky "extra" stitch is part of the overall pattern, not the selvedge. It would have been clearer if the chart had one additional column on the right edge that was the box with the b in it, but with the red border where it is so that "new" column wouldn't be repeated. Lots of patterns have parts that only occur at the beginning or end of the rows and aren't part of the repeats. MMario's faux spanish lace comes to mind (since it's one of my WIPs). It's the pattern writing and charting that made this confusing.

All this trouble shooting makes *me* want to knit this too!

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I ran into trouble with this as well and experience has shown me to:
First lace row: k, ktbl, lace, k
Second lace row: p, lace, ptbl, p

If you knit a 13 stitch swatch and try it this way, then try always doing the k & ktbl and p & ptbl as the beginning of the row you'll see you won't get the pattern of the fan.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for all the help -- especial StuartWS. I think I've got it going. I'm a dozen rows into the pattern (the first time around and it's turning out pretty well. Here's how it's going:
*First Row: Purl (WS)
*Second Row=First Row of the Chart (RS)
*Third Row=Second Row of the Chart (WS)

So... for the first time through the chart, the odd rows (of the chart) are RS and the even rows are WS. Here's how I'm working out the selvedge:

RS: K1, K1tbl (work lace pattern for 90), K1
WS: P1 (work lace pattern for 90), P1tbl, P1

I'm a few rows past the pic, and the pattern is just coming into it's own in the last couple of rows.. but here's what it's looking like:

If you care, They're Harmony Needles from Knitpicks (size 10) and the yarn is "Just Bamboo" (100% Bamboo) from Yarn Market (color: 117, Nutmeg).

Thanks everyone!

Grace and Peace,