My Anniversary Present

Well, the Best Beloved outdid himself this time with round trip tickets to Portand, Maine, and then up to Cushing, Maine, to visit my good friend, Katharine Cobey, Knitter Extraordinaire. It was one of the best trips we've made in a long time. We were both exhausted. I was struggling with allergies (that turned into a full blown sinus infection later) and needed out of the city.

We flew up to Portland on a Thursday, got our rental car, and checked into the hotel - 11th floor with a view of the bay! Nice. That afternoon we walked around and then back for a long nap. That evening it was dinner at Forte Street Restaurant. Oh my - amazing food! Friday morning it was room service for breakfast, then out for coffee. We then checked out of our room and began the drive up to Cushing.

An hour out of Portland, we turned onto Rt. 1, and then, made a wrong turn and ended up off Rt. 1, and under the overpass in Bath, Maine. A sign caught my eye, but it took me a moment to register: Halcyon Yarn. Halcyon? The same company that I've been ordering from over the internet for years? Who knew??? We drove around and pulled into the parking lot. Oh my - it is THE mothership of yarn stores. We're talking aisles and aisles of yarn! We probably spent an hour there: me looking at yarns, and the Best Beloved exploring the Navajo-type looms on the third floor.

One relatively small purchase later (sock yarn) but loaded down with catalogs and ideas, we were on our way again to Katharine's. We got there late that afternoon, and spent the next several days just hanging out, Katharine and I knitting, our respective Best Beloveds chatting about cooking, architecture, geography, and the technology of looms. Katharine is a fearless knitter with a very sharp mind. For years, as she's sat and knat, she's pondered the seemingly simple question "What's a stitch?" She has a book coming out in the next year or so. I was lucky enough to see the proofs.

Katharine only knits with handspun, and she knits pieces that to me are breathtaking. It's a bit of an odd analogy, but her knitting looks like what I admire in the surface of good pots. It was wonderful hanging out in her studio, up the hill from the water, knitting, talking about knitting, and contemplating the close relationship between the two of us, a good 25 years between our ages.

It was a wonderful trip. The very best part I think was simply hanging out with close friends. After a crazy busy Spring of pushing myself and not slowing down, this trip was just what I needed to help me remember just who I am.


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Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing such a great adventure!

Sounds like you had a great time. I envy you.

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This all sounds wonderful but I have to admit being most intrigued by your hostess. I'm not one for "vibes" or "auras" but I feel that this is one fascinating woman. I love the comparison of certain knitted pieces to good pottery. And really it makes perfect sense, they're both quite "earthy" arts when it comes down to it. Her knitting studio is beautiful and her knitting is beyond words, so much like the knitting to which I aspire. I needn't wonder if you had a good time, it's apparent. I'm sure Katharine must be a most inspirational friend and I hope you'll keep us posted as to the publication of her book.


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What a beautiful environment in which to knit, spin and live.

Sounds like you had a wondefull experience. It must have been fate that you just happen to stumble across the store and it cetainly sounds like you came away with more than just yarn. The photos look great

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What a great adventure. And Halcyon looks like heaven! Thanks for sharing.

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Happy anniversary and thanks for the great pics!