Advice needed for knitting a short-sleeve sweater (shirt)

Hello dear fellow knitting blokes:)

I just bought some wonderful pure bamboo fibre yarn which made my fingers "itchy" again. I wanted to knit a short-sleeve sweater (shirt, i am not sure which is the proper word, forgive my english, i mean something like a T-shirt) with the lovely yarn.

However, the last time I knitted was more than 10 years ago and my one and only satisfying product was a pair of socks:)

I remember the basics, but I will need expert advice on how to knit the difficult parts: the neck, sleeves, etc. I was thinking of making a round-neck simple sweater (shirt)...

Any advice would be much appreciated:) If you could send me some inspiring designs or detailed graphs with explanations, that would be even better:)

Great to find this website! I am looking forward to learning a lot from you...


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Since a t-shirt is essentially a crew neck sweater with short sleeves, I would find a crew neck sweater pattern that you like and simply make the sleeves shorter (about 2-4" from beginning to the bind off for the shaping). I would put an 1 - 1 1/2 inches of ribbing at the bottom of the sleeve as well. Generally, crew neck sweaters may be a bit looser than a traditional t-shirt, so you may want to make it a bit more fitted, but other than that, I would say it's much the same.

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I would also say that a lighter weight yarn is definitely in order. A pullover (nice word, borrowed it from german) is a pullover regardless of the sleeve length, but the weight will make the difference. If you knit it in an double worsted weight yarn, it will be very heavy and somewhat awkward, what with the short sleeves and all. I've made one in a sport weight (think really thick socks) and it's okay, but I'm re-knitting it in a more traditional thin sock yarn. And I like the weight of the fabric. I would also suggest something closer to a v-neck, or rather, an opening as deep as a v-neck, but not actually a v (no decreases) and just two flaps that overlap each other so that it breathes a bit more.

Contact 'rjcb3' of this site. He was knitting cotton short sleeved sweaters last year (or it may have been earlier this year).