Black Sheep update

I wrote a post about the Black Sheep Festival last week, attached a picture and before I could post it, it was swallowed up by the cyber demons! So here is a shorter version now that I am calmer.

I’m always afraid to start buying yarn, especially at a fiber fair as there is so much that looks yummy and like it wants to come home with me. I also get overwhelmed by the colors and the textures – I get nearly immobilized, which is good because not being able to move means that I can’t reach for my wallet. I also talk myself out of buying this particular skein because their might be something a little better at the next stall.

Here are the skeins I did buy. The solid grey is a wool/tencel blend, nice and shiny. The other two are hand dyed. When I was purchasing them, the dyer asked if I were going to us them for weaving or for knitting. When I replied that I was going to knit socks for myself, he smiled and said, “Isn’t it nice to get colorways from a man who dyes?” Meaning, the colorway wasn’t pink/ blue/ green/ etc. I wear a shirt and tie to work so I can have a little flair with my socks, but most colorways are a little wild for that.


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When you get a chance and the cyber gods are cooperative, I would love to hear more about the festival!

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Beautiful colors, I am currently addicted to sock yarns. Hope you post pics of the finished socks.