Woolies in a desert?

Counting down the days until I'm off to Vegas.  As much as I'm planning on Margaritas, gambling and eating enough to last me a month, I can't help wondering whether there's wool in the middle of a desert?  Although I'm not planning on travelling out of Vegas much, if there is something unmissable nearby then ofcourse I could be tempted.  If anyone knows of any stores in the area, I'd appreciate hearing about them.  How much wool can you get in a suitcase?!!!


There's a good "shop finder" put together by Knitter's magazine.  Go to www.knittinguniverse.com and then select either the flash version or non-flash.  Either way, when you get in click on "Athena".  Then select "shop finder online" and follow it from there.  They have shops all around the world, although I've only looked at the US shops.  There are a couple in Vegas.  Enjoy.