Dog Sweater

Hi guys here is a pattern that I use for my Italian Greyhound.


8 ply yarn

3.75mm double pointed needles

NECK: Cast on 60 (50 for smaller IG)stitches. Knit 1, Purl ! rib for 50 rounds, more if you want a longer neck, less if you want a shorter neck.

LEGS: Mark off 8/4/8/40 ( 4/2/4/40) stitches. Continue K1,P1 rib increasing ! st each side markers every 3rd round until 32/28/32/64 (28/26/28/64). Cast off the 32sts (28 sts).This forms the leg opening.

CHEST: Leave markers between the 28 (26) and 64 sts. Continue to knit K1 P1 for 20 rounds.Half way between the markers for the 28 (26) sts knit 2 sts tog and stop knitting in rounds. K1 P1 in rows, knitting 2 sts tog at the end of each row.

BACK CURVE: After 5 more rows put a marker halfway between the 64 sts and knit 2 sts togbefore the makerand K1 after the maker rib to end.Be sure to knit 2 tog at the endof the row. Next row, Rib to 2 sts before marker and K 2 tog, P 1 after the marker, Rib to last 2 sts, K 2 tog.Repeat these two rows until 4 to 6 sts remain. Cast offand weave in any ends.

 Happy knitting 



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Yayy!!!  Another Iggy owner (or another person owned by an Iggy)!!! I will definitely have to try this! Thanks!!!