New skein of yarn

I was sure I had posted this earlier, but in checking, I see that I didn't. My apologies!

This is a skein of yarn that I spun earlier in the year from some roving which I got from South America. It's called Punta -- which means peninsula. There are several areas which are called Punta in SA, and this is not the name of any breed of sheep. It is wool, very fine and good crimp, and feels very soft. I almost think there may be some other animal fibre blended with wool.

I spun this as a fine 2-ply. The first batch I did was a little too thick, so this was much finer. It is meant for a lace shawl for a family auction later this fall. To find the right design is taking some time!!


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That is just beautiful yarn. I'll look forward to seeing the resulting shawl...the recipient will be very fortunate indeed.

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Good lord, it's BEAUTIFUL! I'm completely impressed. Very even spinning! Send us a photo of the finished product when you're done. Did you pick up the roving yourself when you were in South America?


Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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what a beautiful skein

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I'm hopeful that one day I'll be able to turn out yarn of this quality... but for now, I'm resigned to looking at the lumpy, irregular stuff!