Yesterday I was sitting in the sun, knitting away at a sock, and it occured to me just how much I loved the colors in the wool.  I usually knit in the evening, so had never seen the colors so clearly.  Since enjoying the wool is so much of the joy in knitting, I realized I have to get better lighting for my evening knitting.  Any suggestions for good light sources?  A lot of little task lights that I see are halogen--I love the quality of the light, but it's too hot.   What do you all use to see your knitting after the sun has set?

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They have a huge variety of lamp styles as well as bare bulbs to use in your own lamps.

You can also find lots of them on eBay.


Now you've got me thinking. I just use a standard lamp behind me with a 3 wattage bulb on the highest setting of course & a spot lamp from the side. But I'll look into getting a full spectrum lamp bulb for the standard lamp. 

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The Ott lights are overpriced... and not bright enough...mostly 13 and 28 wts, I think...

I use daylight bulbs from the hardware a reflector holder...
now that I'm old... I need LOTS of light!


Sitting in the sun?  Good God man!  it's still freezing here!  I'm rather bad (or good?) at knitting in poor light.  I don't find it matters much to me.  Some of the old knitting history books about the Dale Knitters in Yorkshire describe groups of people knitting socks only by the firelight.  Apparantly they used the dried wind-pipe of a goose (what else) filled with peas or stones around which the wool was wound.  The peas would rattle and so they could find the ball of wool in the dark.  Seems a bit drastic so I think I'll just stick to squinting.

Personally, I agree with Bill on the Ott lite.  I don't find it bright enough at all and for the price, I expect to get a tan just sitting in the same room with it.  I use a lamp that I have had for years that I used for mechanical drawing.  It has an incandescent bulb in the center and a round flourescent bulb around it.  It is also fully adjustable.  Seems like every time I turn 29, my eyes get a little worse Cool


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Hey....about the Ott lights......I have one and it is the best. I have been working on a deep charcoal grey sweater and would not have been able to do it without that light. If you have a Joann's fabric store.....or run specials on these Ott's all the time.....I got mine at 50%off/originally 140.00 was 70.00 with the sale......they do it at least every other month......check it out!