Circular knitting question??

Why is it when you do circular knitting the right side is on the inside and the wrong side on the outside? I'm knitting a beret, at the end I have to knit a tail, a little top that sticks up. However how do I invert the tail from the wrong side to the right side?
This is my first post here and my first try at circular knitting. I'm also knitting an afghan (simple but long term) that isn't a problem except the merino yarn is very fragile and breaks easily even while knitting it.

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Ummm, because you are doing it backwards (sort of). Actually, you are doing it inside out. Your knitting is probably between you and the points of your needles.
Pull your knitting through the middle of the circular needles so that the right side is out. Now, start to knit again but keep your needle points, that is the working part, between you and the loop holding your knitting.

Check out this page (scroll to the bottom of the page):

I found it when I started knitting because I did the same thing.


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I prefer to knit with the right side on the inside. That way the angle at which the needles meet each other forms a natural part of the circle. It's true that when I do it that way, my knitting is in between me and the needles.

This is one of those things where there's no right way of doing it, there's just the way you like best. I'm sure plenty of people are happier doing it the other way around - with the right side on the outside and their needles close to them.

But, Glenn, when it's time to knit the tail of your beret, what David suggested will probably help. By all means, try it both ways and see which you prefer.


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I've shown several people how to knit in the round, and they almost all seem to knit it inside out!! Then I figured out what they do wrong.

When they join the stitches into a circle, I tell them to lay the line on a table, and then make a frown and join. That is, the working yarn should be on the right, bring the ends together DOWNWARDS (make a frown) and join. Then the yarn will be going the right way. If you bring the ends upwards (into a smile) then you will knit inside out.

When you knit, you ALWAYS work on the side nearest you. Never on the far side -- that is the wrong way. If you lay it down, you always pick it up with the yarn on the right, and on the side of the circle nearest you. Any other way, and it's wrong.

There are times when you would knit something inside out (to make floats longer in two-coloured knitting, for example), but that is not the normal way to do it.

Now Glenn, when you come to do the tail, you will have to put your needles through the hole somehow, and then work on the other side. It's not an easy thing to do, and it's best to make sure you are doing it right from the beginning... but there is always a way to make a correction at the end.

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I took a class on sock knitting at my LYS recently and found out I was doing the same thing with the double pointed needles. The teacher said she wondered why my sock was inside out until I showed her how I was knitting on the far needles. She showed me the "correct" way which I've been using on the second sock and I am not having the laddering problem I had with the first sock. Now I know the same rule applies to circular needles....who knew!?!

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I frequently shift which way I am knitting several times during a project - because at some point I get more even knitting with the work between me and the needles and someties I get better knitting with it away from me.

After you knit the tail just pop it through the center.

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Yes I did have the knitting between me and the needles.
Thanks all for your help.