I had enough Kroy of the same colour to make a vest. It is just the ticket for these cool mornings and evening. My own design with Paton's Kroy, 3.25 mm needles.

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Looks very comfortable - and nice color. Great job.

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I like it. I like it very much! And it looks like something that I could tackle. Care to share your pattern?

I like the shaping at the sleeve openings. Looks like a really nice-fitting vest. They are so much fun to knit for me. Instant gratification because you don't get bogged down on sleeves. Nice, nice job.

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You do beautiful work! What stitch did you use on the button band? It looks nice and sturdy like it won't stretch too much and allow the buttons to pop out.

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Good old garter stitch on very small needles.

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Looks really neat, and I love the colour.