LA County Fair Men who Knit Contest

For those of us who are in the Los Angeles County area, the LA County fair is going to have a Men Who Knit contest on September 7th - if you go to their website you can find information (or go to my website and the blog entry I did yesterday has the file for download) - if you sign up early (don't know how to do that but I guess it's possible) the lady who was there when I dropped off entries told me that they send a fair ticket for free entry that day... so for the $5 you spend entering, you get in the fair free (hooray) - and first prize is $100 gift certificate to a yarn shop... super cool!

just wanted to give a heads up to any guys interested....

my blog is at for those of you who don't know...

Thanks :)


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If anyone here is going to participate in this even and wants some MWK schwag to wear or distribute, just let me know and I'll make it happen!