The New "Guy"

I just found this site from the MenKnit.Net web site and knew I had to join. I have been knitting, on and off, for nearly 20 years.

I love the camaraderie of knitters. The knitting circles of my LYS was always one of the things I liked best about being a knitter. I am a member of the Buffalo Knitters Guild, the only man of course, so all the ladies love having me in the group. But it is nice to be with a grou of guys who are knitters.

My latest knitting obssesion are the scarves from the Harry Potter movies. I've made them all and they are my mindless-while-I-watch-television-knitting projects.

My current W.I.P.s (notice it's plural)

Ribbed Spiral Socks - took a class on knitting socks on circular needles. We also covered how to do Magic Loop, I love it and will never knit socks on DPNs again.

Big Bad Baby Blanket- from SnB for my cousin's son and his wife who are expecting. (I remember when he was a baby, this makes me feel old.)

Sampler Sweater - from Simply Beautiful Sweater For Men. I got this yarn at out Annual Yarn Auction. It is a grey heathered mystery yarn, no label on it. I got 2 of those big one pound balls for like $8.

I'll eventually post some pictures of my finished work in the gallery when I get a chance.


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Welcome, Vince!  You'll love being a member of this great group of men knitters.  I looked at your blog and I see you really are a HP fan!  It's always good to have another member with a good Italian name!  Cheers,  Jesse 

I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly

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Welcome! This is a great site, full of communal support and knowledge. I, too, love the Rowling books. I loved the reference in the last book of Dumbledore's affection of muggle knitting patterns. I assume Rowling must knit, since Hermione knits to free house-elves, Hagrid knits - and now Dumbledore. Anyhow...welcome!

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When does Dumbledore knit? it in the latest book? ...which I've had since the first day... and haven't read yet... Bill

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In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Dumbledore comments that he enjoys looking at Muggle magazines, the reason being "I do love knitting patterns."

There was a squeal through the Harry Potter Knitting fandom. There are some great sweaters in the books and movies. I made myself a Ravenclaw house Quidditch sweater which came out smashing! I used the leftover yarn to make myself a house scarf to match.

Thanks for the warm welcome guys, this looks like a fun group of knitter.

And don't forget the awful sweaters Mrs Weasley regularly turns out.  That should be encouraging for any struggling first-time knitter.

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Im with you bill, i bought the book the day it come out,  ive just read a couple of chapters.  Ive knitted a couple of Harry Potter scarves for my nephews.  they were like the ones on sorcerers stone and chamber of secrets.  Ive done one like on the prisoner of azkaban and goblet of fire.  the trapped bar pattern.  came out real good.  I should post some pix.  I would like to do a few sweaters from Harry Potter as well.