joining yarn

hey guys,
what are your preferences for joining yarn if you're working with 1-ply?

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Most people would say spit splice. I cannot honestly answer that, as I'm a knotter - but conventional wisdom says most people will prefer the spit splice.

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For wool I like the felted join.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

is that where you just rub the yarn together until its felted into one strand?

i normally prefer to splice, but i'm working with 1-ply lace-weight cashmere. there is a knot in it, and i can't see the fibers clearly enough (damned black lace) to undo the know, much less separate the fibers to splice.

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Honestly, I knot. I'm fine with weaving stuff in (either in knitting or tatting) or even splicing (although it's an awful lot of work for what's usually a mediocre outcome) but in the end, I usually just knot. Sometimes I weave the ends in... sometimes I just leave them hanging on the inside.

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I usually use wool or a wool blend. I use the splice method . . pull the fiber apart a bit, intertwine the fibers, dip the new join into a little warm or hot water and then roll it in my palms to felt it together; makes for a very clean join with no ends to weave in.

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spit splicing - spit in your hand (or use water) and put the two ends opposite each other (if the yarn is thick, remove about half of each strand where they overlap) then rub vigorously till they "felt" together... it's secure, seamless and invisible....



its one-ply cashmere that can't be split -- at least not by my fat fingers.

its looking like felting is the best idea, but i'll have to do it over an area that won't show the thicker felted section.

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felted join. :-)

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What are you making? Are there any seams? I usually avoid the problem by leaving the ends at an edge so I don't have to join at all. They can easily be hidden in the seam or used to seam themselves. I usually see that as the safest way.

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its a lace schawl, knit in the round with no seams. it seems like an area heavy with YOs and SKPs would be a good place to conceal the thicker splice.

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To Splice or Knot...That is the question.
Personally, I've been working with some 1 ply wool, and when I'm ready to join, I break both the "old" yarn and the "new yarn, stick a tapestry needle through the middle of each strand about 2 inches down, and pull the needle, effectively splitting the strand. Then I break off one "half strand" from each yarn, give 'em some spit, and palm felt them. No extra bulk, and it seems to work well.

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Glad to see that I'm not the only knotter. Just feel safer knowing nothing will pull apart over the years (or tomorrow). And weaving in the ends? On my projects I seem to do a lot of it and just consider it part of the process.

I weave the ends into the knitting, and then cut the ends off when i finish.

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Hi guys i don't weave or knot. The best way is to knit them in for about 5/8 sts depending on the weight of yarn then snip it off, saves time getting your darning needle out.