bad idea?

so I've only been at this for a week or so, but I seem to be doing pretty okay.
anyway, here's my situation. I'm currently working on a scarf and I had my colors all picked out and whatnot, but then I noticed my roommate had some really rad looking yarn in her collection that compliments my own colors perfectly. the only possible problem is that her yarn is chunky and mine is more of a worsted weight.
how bad is it to use different yarn weights in the same garment? I was thinking of using her burgundy in a seed stitched large stripe at both ends of the scarf (with the rest done in garter stitch), but I just don't know how it'll look with the difference in weights.
of course, I could just go buy some new yarn in my weight but:
a) I'm lazy...
b) now that the question's come up, I really want to just know the answer.

and now that I think about it, what about mixing stitches like that? does that turn out okay, or is it generally a bad idea? basically, this is my first project and I'm just throwing stuff out there.



three ideas:

if you knit about 10 rows of the chunky on big needles and then switch to smaller needles for the worsted, you'll end up with a big wide section of chunky that is all gathered next to the worsted and the worsted will stretch next to the chunky. could be interesting if you do it in stripes. chunky thin chunky thin chunky thin....

alternately, you could start out with several rows of chunky, and then when you switch to worsted weight, you could increase on every stitch, or ever other stitch and have the transition from chunky to thin as a smooth change that would lay flat. you'd have to knit a swatch from both weights so you'd know how much to increase when you switch yarns.

or what would be easiest, and probably most appropriate for the mild texas summers -- start off on the chunky with big needles; then switch to the worsted weight but keep the big needles. it will be fast knitting and you'll end up with really loose -- almost lacy -- stitches of worsted weight between warm fluffy chunky knit.

have you checked out hill country weavers? they're probably the best yarn shop in your neck of the woods.

i've been missing amy's icecream... have some sweet cream for me, buddy.

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I've been meaning to check out that shop lately, but I figure I'll wait til I'm pretty good at this before I overindulge on really expensive yarn or some bitchin' needles. it's not too far from where I live. it's actually mentioned in stitch 'n bitch by debbie stoller, which is where I've learned everything my roommate hasn't shown me.
amy's ice cream is the bomb, though, for sure.
decided to make it pseudo rugby style with just a couple or three stripes at opposite ends of the scarf. haven't gotten to the chunky yet as I'm still relatively slow and I can't watch dune and knit at the same damn time.

I would just try sample piece and see how it looks to you . Go for it

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I would hesitate to give you advice and say, just try it!!! See how it turns out. You'll learn a lot from just that!

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thanks, dudes, but I just ended up going garter the whole hog. the chunky doesn't seem to be affecting it all that much. I'll post a pic up when I'm done.