Problems with pattern - the size seems wonky!

I recently completed this childrens sweater for my nephew Jaxon.  It worked great.  I'm not sure if his mother will ever put it on him but I'm certain the sizing was good - if not a little big for him right now.

So, I thought, now that I've tackled a small sweater in this lopi pattern then I'll do a nice big one for me.  The cardigan in this picture.  

I did the cuff at the bottom and the pattern, it worked great, except it's made for a munchkin. 

I wonder if anyone else has had this problem.  I've made two sweaters now and both turned out well - this one I really want for me, as I've knit the others for my partner and my nephew.  How frustrating!  Ommmm...

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Suggest rechecking gauge against the pattern's recommended gauge. If that is correct, then might want to calculate the stitches against the pattern's instructions and see if they match. If you have a copy of Anne Budd's a knitter's book of sweater patterns, compare the instructions against her instructions.

Let us know if you find a problem or need more help. Need more information!

Love your work, the child's sweater is great! I'm sure Jason will enjoy the sweater and wear it often. 

Have fun, Luck,


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I would agree with Randal - check the gauge. Gauge can be a bit tricky - if the sweater
is knit in the round and your did your gauge piece knitting back and forth that can
throw it off, as can knitting a swatch out of a single color if it's a multi-color pattern.


Think less, enjoy it more.

I did my test swatch back and forth, and found that I needed to use a larger needle size.  Perhaps I'll do a test swatch in the round to see if thats where the difference is.