The Knitting Gods Must be angry at me.

Ever have one of those weeks? Yugi, I know you have!

So, I have three "active" projects right now. 1. A Noro Stiped scarf ala Brooklyn Tweed. (Great for working while on public transportation or in waiting rooms when I might get inturrputed) 2. A Fabulous Retro cardigan that's ready for assembly; and 3. The "Cable Guy" sweather from Son of Stich 'n' Bitch. Knit in the round, I'm just at 6-7 rows in. Here's what's happened:

Sunday: lightly block all the pieces of the cardigan and sit down with my tutors/friends. I re-learn the three needle bind off and (voila!) the front are attached to the back! Miracle. I then learn how to pick up stiches evenly along the collar and setup for the ribbing so it will now be splayed out or bunched. A feat of knitting learning not to be believed! I'm on cloud nine. I go to rehearsal and then home to bed--dreaming of crisp autum nights in my stylish black cardi. Monday: I knit the first two rows of K2 P2 ribbing for the collar and then realize, whoops! It's supposed to be K1P1 ribbing! Oh, explitive! (BREATHE: ever onward) practice frogging (as if i need to practice that!). By then it's it's too dim on the restaurant patio to pick up black stitches throught black fabric, so I reach for the the "Cable Guy" sweater. I knit contentedly for a few rounds, right up until it's time to grab that cable needle. I stop to take a bite of my friend Kelly's dessert (Toffee pudding--I LOVE burnt sugar!) and I look carefully at my beautifully even stitching. I look really carefully and realize (wait for it!......) it's twisted. M-F-ing TWISTED!!!! More practice frogging. Go home to bed and dream of freezing to death this winter. Tuesday: (See how persistant I am?) Another round of picking up stitches later, and I'm all set to go. I hold up the piece to get started and look at the waistband (which is supposed to MATCH the collar) and what do I see? Apparently I knitted the back with a k1p1 rib (as is caled for) and the fronts with a k2p2 rib! I will confess that at this point I had to very deliberately fold and place the sweater in my bag rather than hurl it across Starbucks. (I did double check and the sleeves are k1p1, so I'm okay there).

I spent the rest of the evening working on the scarf. Back and forth, back and forth. Nothing more challengeing that alternating colors. Soothing color changes in Noro Silk garden..... very Zen. Totally needed, but NOT what I wanted to be working on.

So, NOW I "get" (read F**king HAVE to) learn kitchener stitch so I can remove the wrong waistband, kint the proper one and graft the parts together before I can do the rest of the assembly and finish work. I also "get" to practice casting on 280 stitches again AND triple checking that they aren't twsited before I join in the round for the "Cable Guy".

I'm thrilled. You can tell, can't you? ... ... I thought you could. *sigh*


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I have a great deal of sympathy -- the last three patterns I've put together over at M2K2 have had some major blunders. And it seems like everytime I fix one I introduce another!

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You don't really need to learn Kitchener to fix this if you have a little tolerance for a slight difference between the front and back of the sweater.

If you snip the yarn right above the ribbing and then pick up all the active stitches onto a needle as you remove the ribbing, you can just rib downward and cast off at the bottom of the ribbing...the cast-on edging at the back will look slightly different than the cast-off edging on the front, but it won't be noticeable in black.

Or you could learn the kitchener cast-off that replicates a long-tail cast-on.

All sorts of pleasant "opportunities"

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Be grateful you found the mistakes now, and not later. My aged grandmother taught me that. When I find my frequent mistakes, as soon as I can stop swearing, I take a moment to be glad I found it now, and not another 6'' further along, or after it was all put together etc., etc.

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Admirably mature of you to fold it up rather than shout and throw it. When I find my frequent mistakes, as soon as I can stop shouting and swearing, I remind myself to be grateful that I found it *now* rather than another 6" on, or after it was complete and blocked or whatever.
Hoping things improve for you.

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Ah, so having to frog the same 8 rows of a 300 stitch cable pattern two nights running doesn't get to compete after that. Deep sympathies.

My wife gave me a valuable lesson which I've held to ever since it happend. I can't recall what I was working on, but I had to rip out a majority of... I think now it was just a scarf, the rows. I was muttering and cursing under my breath, which apparently bothered her and she said... and I wisely considered her wisdom. "If you don't like knitting, why don't you just quit?" Gentlemen, I thought about that long and hard. It was true, did I like to knit, or not? And I have to admit that one of the main reasons beyond the plain fact that I just love knitting, was my blood pressure. No matter how stressed I am, I pick up the needles, and the world just washes out of me and melts away. I love to knit. Now, I don't complain when I have to tink, or rip out rows any more, when she's around.

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I am genuinely impressed with your restraint. There are good reasons why I rarely knit in public! In a recent lace scarf I realized after far too many rows to frog that I had managed to start knitting pattern on the wrong side. Undaunted I simply began to work the other side as if this was a minor problem. I told myself that this was to be the practice lace. What seem a few hundred rows later, another brain fart and I did the same thing. The solution, I decided, was to do it a third time and call it design! Good luck!

I thought that was my technique. :-)
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At least it's not just me. LOL That also reminds me of when I first started the Uncle's Argyle Scarf (also from Son of Stitch 'n' Bitch) and kept getting TOTALLY F'd up because they did the pattern totally lame. After the third frogging/restart, I just re-made the chart to actually make sense. I mean, seriously... who wants to interpret the SAME color/symbol differently on different rows? Screw that crap.

I feel your pain on the mis-matched ribbing and things. I think if it'd been me, I would've just finished it as is and declared it a "subtle attempt at being avant garde." Total b.s., but if it would've made me feel better...

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I sympathize with you. I'm that picky about quilting. My points have match, I will rip out and resew the blankety-blank-blank pieces until they are nothing but shreds and I have to recut more pieces for the block. I don't quilt with my beloved partner anymore... he thinks that points that match and don't get lopped off are just for showing off.

But truth be told, I don't feel that way about my knitting. In fact, I wouldn't bother to fix the the waistband. Who has the right to say it wasn't a design decision? and if they don't like your design decision, let them go knit their own infuriating cardigan. And I would personally have said, "hey, since the front of the waistband is k2p2... I think I'll make the collar k2p2" but that would have been "MY" design decision and not yours. YMMV, but unless the heavens themselves were in danger of being rent assunder, I wouldn't worry too much about the waistband.

Maybe the Knitting Gods are not angry with you, maybe They just want to help free you from the Tyranny of the Pattern Police.

Just some random thoughts from a guys whose socks are often fraternal twins.

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Please, please, knitting gods be kinder to me.

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle