Men's T-Shirt

I've looked everywhere for the last coupla months for a men's t-shirt pattern I could knit in a sport-weight yarn. Having found nothing I will eventually attempt to do this by adapting a top-down crew neck sweater pattern I found and just stop the sleeves a third of the way down or so.
Any other brilliant ideas? Anyone actually have a pattern?

Stan Stansbury's picture

The plan of stopping the sleeves a third of the way down makes sense to me. You may want to change the the sleeve decrease rate if you do.
Do you know the book "Knitting from the Top" by Barbara Walker? She tells you everything you need to know to make any custom garment from the top down. If you understand the book, you'd never need another pattern.

Kerry's picture

I'm knitting one based on one of my t-shirts and a pattern I generated from The Knitting Fool (online). The body is finished and the first sleeve almost. I'm using Brown Sheep Co Cotton Fine but I think it will be too warm for Sydney summers.