Lace knit wedding dress

My best friend got married on the beach in Hawaii and wanted me to make the wedding dress. She didn't want anything fancy and sort of a 'baby-doll' type thing. It was a very informal thing. Turned out pretty well. Got the falling leaves pattern from spinoff. Had to draft a pattern for the lining (I also sew) out of some 4-way stretch, which was hard cause she's like a size 0!
Picture is awful but she loved it.

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wow, that looks great...I am very impressed! the bustline looks great, edging, everything!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Well nothing fancy?; but a hand made dress lol! That sounds like Fancy Stuff to me! It looks very nice!

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I nominate you for "GOD OF LACE"

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Great job. And what an honor.

Well, I am just in awe of your work. Nothing fancy? You must be kidding!

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I join the ranks of the truly amazed, and I second the nomination for God of Lace (GOL).

Your finishing is just beautiful and the dress couldn't have been more fitting for her size and shape. You must be very proud of that.

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We all bow to THE GOD OF LACE!

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That is amazing!


Thank you, all
You are too kind.

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That's a fantastic dress! (Not fancy? I must say I'd love to see something fancy.) She must have been thrilled!

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