Teaching the Teacher

I just got back from five days of family vacation (always an experience with all those Italian genes!) and had an interesting knitting experience. My mother, who now suffers from mild Parkinson's, decided that she wanted to resume knitting (her doctor has recommended doing fine motor activities with her hands). I'm not very good at teaching knitting, but she taught me, so I wanted to give it a try. I found a nice laminated instruction card at AC Moore (for her to take home for future reference) and took that, along with some yarn and US-10 wooden needles. I ended up teaching her exactly as she taught me (even though I don't knit that way any more). She says it felt familiar. Eventually, she should end up with a canary yellow scarf for winter. Just to give you an idea, her first knitting project was a white baby dress. She also made mittens with the face of Santa Claus (complete with beard) on the backs of the hands, and a black and red cardigan with a gazillion cables. This was all about 50 years ago. Then, about 20 years ago, she started knitting again and made a boat-neck pullover with cables across the front. As I said, a very interesting experience.


This sounds like a wonderful time of reconnection with your mom. She also sounds like she was a fearless knitter in her day to try all of those projects.