Noro Scarf Issue/Question

I am going to try the scarf listed here:

One would think that a 1x1 rib would be easy but I cannot get mine to look like this. Mine looks like a rib and I can see both stitches...even if I use size 2's. What might I be doing wrong to not get that wonderful stockinette look I see there? Any help is appreciated.

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I ran into the same problem starting that scarf... if you keep going for a couple of inches, the ribs pull in, but right off the needle it doesn't seem like they're going to..... Good luck!

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i'm using us size 8 needles on mine, and i generally knit kinda loose. maybe go down to a 7 if needed.
if you're on Ravelry, check out my projects page (its the noro striped scarf)
or go to my most recent post (1 or 2 pages back) and check out the pix i've posted of it

sounds like your needles are too big though

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Thanks guys. Maybe it is just the fact I needed to wait more for it to come together. I appreciate your comments and assistance.

And pagancub...yours looks perfect too. I did even try size 2...I was not joking...but I guess I need to give it more time.

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I'm afraid the sad, sad truth is:

Noro Hates You!

The only solution I can see is to pack it all up and ship it to me.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I'm currently knitting a irish hiking scarf with Noro wool. How do you get the stripes so exact by row. I'm just knitting along and its creating a nice varigated colorway but not exact by row as you have in the picture. I have some Noro silk garden and would like to try this striping?

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I believe the cool striping is done by using 2 skeins at once. Every other row, you switch skeins, carrying along the unused one at the end of each row. That way, you get the really cool striping pattern.

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Which Noro and what size needles are you using? I used Taiyo for my scarf and size 10 needles. Pulled in just fine:

Good Luck!

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I'm about 80% done with one of these and I LOVE the way it works out. Give it a few inches and it will pull together. This is the second one I've done--one with Takhi Torino Print and this one with Noro Silk Garden. They're great for gifts and they're a great project for public transport, waiting rooms etc when you may need to put it down quickly. My brother is getting this one for Christmas, though I hate to part with it...