Have Some Pi...

Back in January 2007 the Greater Buffalo Knitters Guild held a Lace Shawl Knit-Along seminar. We met for 10 weeks learning the basics of lace and knitting a Pi Shawl. I had gotten as far as knitting the border, which was about 125 points with each point being 10 rows. Yeah a whole lot of point knitting.

It sat in a zip-lock bag for some time. Every so often I would force myself to work on it for a bit. Well during the Summer Olympics I would work on it while watching and was progressing nicely. So Michael Phelps was intrumental in my making progress on this. Around the time of the closing ceremonies I realized that most of the border had been knit! Last week I finished the border and wove in the ends. I blocked it this week and just unpinned it all tonight. FYI... anyone who tells you that blocking lace is fun is lying too you. The only thing worse than pinning out 125 lace points is unpinning 125 lace points. But it is complete and I have pictures as proof.


It is made of Valley Yarns Alpaca Silk in Dark Grey. I basically did the increases for a Pi shawl and put in lace patterns as I went along. At one point I just was alternating YOs and K2Togs. Glad to have it done. Don't know who is going to get it. Mom really isn't the shawl wearing type. I might try selling it.

Of course I have enough leftover on the cone to make a lace scarf. I also have 5 skeins of Misti Alpaca Lace that I bought at Kitchener 2 years ago as well as several skeins of lace Mystery Yarn that I got at the Guild Yarn Auction. So I certainly can't say I won't ever knit lace again, I just don't know how soon I will do it. Here are click-able thumbnails of 2 more pics.


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What a beautiful lace shawl. I can't even imagine working on a piece like this. You should be very proud of it. Thanks for sharing.

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You must have the patience of a saint!



And the gold medal for the lace shawl knit-along goes to .... Congratulations - it's beautiful.

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Dude! Great Pi!

I think it would look great on Michael Phelps. What do you think about him on a box of Wheaties sporting your shawl?

Great job,
Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Vince, that is a beautiful shawl. Great knitting. Are you going to Kitchener this fall??

That is very nice, an heirloom for anyone who gets it! Make sure you tag it, so antique's road show will know who to credit generations from now.

I've finally gotten enough guts to try my first lace piece, I hope it turns out nice too!


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That is absolutely gorgeous. I would keep it myself and curl up with it on cool evenings!



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Beautiful shawl, well done.