Now where would you find yarn like this..

From D&G's Fall 2008:

And what size needles? rolling pins?

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Multi-stranded chunky - and I've seen needles that would probably give you about that size stitch.

Be a reall quick knit, you have to admit.

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That doesn't really look like yarn...more like VERY loosely twisted roving, and the I think the needle size would be more like broom handles than rolling pins.

But just think how quickly you could knit these up!

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I was thinking roving as well. Maybe something like Berroco Peruvia Bulky would work? My squinting isn't working, does this seem to be gray stitches on a black or charcoal background somehow?


If it was roving, I'd think you'd have to felt it or it'd have to be longwool combed or otherwise it'd fall apart.
I wonder if it's got some alpaca in it? It looks like it drapes well.

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There is a woman who is making the Fiber Festival and Stitches circuit who manufactures "Extreme Knitting Needles" and has written a book of patterns for them. I bought a set of the needles and the book for a friend who was house and cat sitting for us while we were on vacation. I will check with her about the manufactures name and contact information.

That sweater is beautiful! And, yes, the drape is luxurious!

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I wonder if wearing something with huge stitches like that would make me look thinner or at least not-quite-such-a-big-boy?

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I suspect it would have the oppisete effect - just as turn-sideways-and-they-disappear guys can wear a puffy quilted parka and just look great - but larger guys ? uh-uh.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I think Mmario is right, large details/patterns usually don't work with big guys. I had these wide-wale corduroys I was in love with in high school and looking back, I wish one of my friends would have told me to junk them, I looked more like a "wide whale". I do kinda love the D&G pullover, maybe I'm just a fashion zombie.


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Brown Sheep has Burly Spun which is 100% wool that might drape that much. It is 130yds per skein (don't know weight) and kints at 2-1/2 sts on US 13. I would bet going up to a US 35/36 which is readily available from most LYS's would give you a much softer hand and prob about 3/4-1 st per inch. The yarn pictured is a single ply yarn as is the burly spun.

For a yarn that is softer but not quite as bulky i would consider Misti Alpaca Chunky which is a 2 ply at 108 yds/100 grms and give 3-1/2 sts on US 10...You could put that needle to a 13 or so but remember Alpaca acts like cotton and will tend to sag, but feels like budda!

There are also a couple of Cascade yarns that might work Lana Grande (2 ply) 2 sts/in on 17-19 and Magnum 2 sts/in on 15.

hope this helps some

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Lion Brand has some free patterns on their website that call for their Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and their "Speed Stix" which is a size 50 needle (25mm). One such pattern, "Weekender Jacket", uses three strands of the yarn held together, and the gauge is 4 st × 4 rows over a 4 inch square. IOW 1 stitch to the inch. Judging from the photos, it has a very similar gauge as the sweater in question. And I can't help but think it makes the model look like a Barbie® in a "homemade" sweater. It's awful.

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Most D&G models could wear a sack and make it look fabulous...

Much as I love the look of the sweater I don't think its wearable for the majority of guys... so not point me investigating further :o(



I saw this sweater in GQ and loved it too. Rowan also has a thick yarn they call "Biggy Print" and another called "Chunky". They also publish a book call "The Next Big Thing" with several patterns similar to the one from D&G. I have knit the Major" and the "Seth" sweaters. They turn out beautifully even though the yarn is not quite as thick as the sweater you have pictured.

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Is it just me, or does it make him look like a "Ken Doll" that someone knit a sweater for out of, I dunno, sport weight yarn? The thing with the really chunky yarns is that they tend to be VERY softly spun, almost roving, and PILL MISERABLY. Within 3 wearings it looks like you polished a houseworth of hardwood floors with the garment.

Kind of reminds me when knitting first became "re-popular" here in PDX and women were buying all these novelty yarns and knitting very loose-drapey scarves which inevitably ended up looking like a rag found in the gutter and draped around the neck.