Project Frustration!!!!


 I should know by now that not everything in life is fun and exciting. However, I am really hating this sweater I have been working on FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! It's for my partner, a few of you may remember me griping about it earlier,.....but I find myself knitting a few rows per evening and then putting it is an irregular rib pattern...that takes a little more concentration than other projects. I know some would say i should just let it go and go on to something I enjoy....but Allan is loving the way it looks and really so am I....I just hate doing it. I have told myself I'm not starting anything else until I finish it....just for motivation. I guess I will just "two-row-a-night" it until I get there. Anyone else have this issue???? I need words of encouragment....please!


I've been there too!  Sometimes things just become tedious.  You have several options:

  • If you like the way it looks (and it sounds like you do), keep at it.  It will be worth it in the end.
  • If you hate working on it and don't like the result, rip it out and use the yarn for something else.
  • If you don't want all your effort to date to go to waste, pack it away and finish it sometime in the future.  (Yeah, right!)
  • If you really can't stand it any more, "lose" it at the bus stop (being sure to save your needles Smile).

When I get frustrated with a major project like that I find it helpful to alternate working on it with something smaller and faster.  That way you still experience the relaxing aspect of knitting something fun while making progress on the more challenging project.

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Hi Gabriel from 'down under', Have been there too! Some years ago I began a 'picture' sweater that took two seasons to complete it was so tedious but the results were well worth the effort. The back, front and both sleeves were all a different pattern with lots and lots of small balls of yarn. We had four cats at that time so you can imagine my frustration at dealing with them as well as the pattern!!!! I received many compliments from very accomplished women knitters who had no idea men could 'do such nice knitting.' Keep it up and we all look forward to seeing a picture of your work real soon.

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Working on a project for someone else, no matter how much we love them, does become a chore in the end.  However, since you are liking the way it is evolving, keep at it.  It will be worth it.  Sometimes what I do is have a smaller project going on that I can alternate it with so that I also feel other knitting is getting finished, particularly if it something for myself. 

I am knitting a pair of socks for a friend and it is taking longer that normal, because when the socks are not for my own feet, the desire to knit them is not as strong, even though I do want to knit these socks for the friend they are intended for.  So I have been working on an alligator wrap in 8 colors of Koigu for myself to alternate the projects.

That is a tough one. If you both like the way that it's looking then 2 rows a night is a good plan. somenights or weekend you might be inclined to do more. What about starting on a sleeve instead? At least they are smaller! It's not you're in a rush because summer is round trhe corner & he'll not be needing it for a while.

Or is there a hidden message here & you want us to say, "Stop, rip it & use the yarn for something else." 

Knit away, knit away

"They say best men are moulded out of faults; and, for the most, become much more the better for being a little bad." William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

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You guys are awesome!!!! Thanks for the thoughts......projects for others DO become a little tiresome. And I have thought about jumping to a sleeve.....just to break it up a little.....I am too the point of knitting the top/front, after splitting for the maybe I'll try that. Thanks for your input guys!!! Really!


I am going through the exact same thing right now.  I knit a row or two each night but I have promised myself not to start anything else till I finish.  Sounds like some knitters here reccomend otherwise.  I am thinking about one of the "London Beanies" just to get the fire rekindled.  Just know there is someone out there who knows your pain!


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By the time I get home from work, get dinner, tend to the dogs, and get myself settled in on the couch I only have the time and energy to knock of just a few rows on either of the sweaters I'm working on.  I've decided though that the hubby's must take priority over mine since it's intended to be a birthday present and his birthday is in June!  I've almost got the back piece finished and then I will start on the front.  It's a tedious process with the finer weight yarn that I'm using, and I'm not very good friends with that degree of monotony.  Although we are well acquainted with each other. I didn't even think about starting a sleeve as a "side project".  That's a great idea!!!  Of course, I also have a few (only two or three at this point, really!) small projects going at the same time as the two major ones. Being able to put something down and do something else for a bit does help me maintain some sort of sanity.

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I can totally relate. Some projects are more labor intensive, require more concentration - and maintaining the balance of interesting versus tedious is hard to strike. On a few occassions, I have wrapped up WIP's and presented them, still on their needles, as gifts - with an anticpated date of completion. It makes me feel dopey - like when as a kid you present coupons to your parent for "one free dishwashing." Ugh. Hang in there - it sounds like a beautiful project and your partner already sounds tickled. And the fact is - beautiful sweaters can be complicated - but worth the effort (this coming from a sweater-knitting virgin).

I find the best thing to do is just wad it up in a ball and throw it into the back of a closet. In a few years the color will be out of style and you can give it to some new knitter to finish. If they become a successful knitter, they too will throw it into the back of a closet and then give it to a new knitter. It usually works out that the third or fourth person to receive it will love it and the color will be back in style. I currently have a "knit through the back loop" project that has been curing in the back of the closet.

I hope that helps.

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This is the best site.....and you guys are all the best. I feel totally appeased and not so alone anymore. Glad to know others are/have been in the same situation....I think after hearing all the input I am going to hang in there two rows at a time!!! thanks again, gh

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Have been there myself...I have been known to frog a project(rip it-rip it...)and start all over again several times. With encouragement from my partner and my knitting guru I have gotten the project done. Working on a pair of socks and have gotten frustrated several times. Don't give up, keep on knitting and you wil get there.