Thank you! Found it!

OK, thanks to everyone who looked; I finally found it (picture from their website). With help from suggestions made, I went to the local Barnes & Noble's which has an amazing knitting & crocheting magazine selection (20+ magazines) and found the pattern.
So again, thanks to all for your help; now I'll add it to what I'm working on and with hope will finish before she changes sizes (did I say that?) More a comment on how slow I knit than her, trust me. Still I feel motivated.

..... half hour later.
OK, now for the bad news. While looking at the magazine in the Book Store, I knew it so well I knew I must have looked at my copy at home and missed the project, so I didn't buy one. Of course, only to go home and be unable to find the magazine. I know I bought it. (sigh) Well, at least I know where I can get one! Again. My mind is definately going. (gone?)


Had to postpone this, tougher than it looked. It's a good thing I hate project bags laying around waiting to be done. It won't sit for too long.