Chunky Patterns....

Dear All,

I bought some great wool in Scotland which is chunky and goes from thick to thin and bach again so you get quite a nice texture when you knit it (there's prebably a name for it...)

Anyway, my neighbours are expecting their first baby in a few weeks and I thought it would make a great chunky baby coat/cardigan. I'm not that au fait with the chunky stuff and wonder if anyone had any ideas. I found a free Debbie Bliss pattern on Ravelry but it was, dare I say it, a bit GIRLY...and it might be a boy (not that they'd be that bothered). I just fancied something more Starsky-and-Hutch than Kimono wrapover....

Any ideas welcome

David (from the wettest Uk imaginable)

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Hi David, afraid that I can't suggest patterns for baby jackets (I'm a selfish knitter and only do stuff that I'm gonna wear myself), but the yarn sounds great. Do you have any details of what the yarn is called and where it came from?

Britisher (equally wet in the UK)

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Just my two cents worth, before making a baby anything out of this fabulous sounding yarn... read the ball/skein band and ask yourself, will this stand up to washing every time the wee one pukes up its lunch all over it, or every time he/she manages to finagle that diaper/nappy loose enough that what came out of his/her mouth is the lesser of too evils?

I'm sure that what you have in mind will LOOK wonderful. As a father of 4, I've learned that babies are hard on clothes.

Again, just a thought, YMMV,

Joyful Knitting,

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Baby Patterns
There are some cute baby patterns in Elizabeth Zimmerman's book The Opinionated Knitter. She uses a lot of chunky yarns and is very much into being able to adjust and make the patterns your own.
Good luck
another David